Is WordPress Easy To Use?

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WordPress is a popular service and over 74 million people are using this service. This huge amount makes up about 26% of all websites in the world. It has become very popular and favorite in no time and now everyone is using to create a site.

WordPress provides different services to their users. We’ll discuss some of them below. And how WordPress helps us.

1. Ready to use

A WordPress site is ready to use the site. Ready to use means that we don’t have to wait for the site to become online. There is no other configuration required except the design. Few things are already made there like social media links or comments. Hence, it is easy to use and a quick alternative to coding instead.

2. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress site in SEO friendly by default. It is recommended by popular search engines like Google and Bing. Because the Framework of a WordPress site is easy to understand so Search Engines can easily crawl through it and can get better information to the user. At TechiArea, we also provide SEO services that help you grow quickly.

3. Adaptability

WordPress is so adaptable and easy to use. It offers a large number of themes and templates for you to decide which you want to use. It can give a new look to your blog, website, or brand portfolio.

4. Secure and Safe

As WordPress becomes popular and more people become interested in it. So the hackers become more conscious of this. WordPress is so beloved to take good care of the security so that no website can be taken over. And we should also download plugins from trusted sources. That’s something we have to look at.

5. Mobile Friendly

Google is lowering the sites who are not mobile friendly and they are not shown in the organic search results. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that. The themes here are automatically responsive on all devices whether phone, tablet, or PC.

6. Simple to use

We use WordPress as it is easy to use and it can easily be learned by new users. A lot of people love WordPress just because of its simplicity. Operating a WordPress site is much easier than others.

7. Sources of Support

If a user is stuck in any sort of problem. He can easily google that problem and can find the solution there. So, there are many sources of support available for the user.

8. Popularity

There are many Big-Name Brands who are using a WordPress site. Few names are NASA, Coca-Cola, Mozilla, etc. WordPress should be considered as a serious business website solution. It is trusted by many Famous Businesses.

9. Integration

WordPress can be integrated with popular 3rd Party platforms. There are many additions one can do if he wants to. These plugins can be used to allow them to accept credit card payments. There are plugins for almost every service of your need.

10. More than a Blog

WordPress started as an ideal platform for Blog writing but today most people use it as a business site. Just because it offers more than a blog. It offers both page and post structure. To hire Content Writers for your website you can contact at

11. Social media Integration

As all our users who are viewing your site are not WordPress users. So, it allows Social Media users to interact and comment on your post using their accounts. WordPress makes it easy for people to find and interact with you.

12. E-commerce solution

If a user wants to make a Business website using WordPress. He can do so by adding few plugins and it makes it easy to convert a blog site into an E-commerce site. Users can start selling once the site is established. For Affiliate marketing services, we have skilled people at TechiArea which will help you produce more sales in less time.

13.  Keep your site Updated

If you want to change the interface of your site. It is easy to do with WordPress. It offers different themes a plugin on a free and paid basis. You can also use Third-Party sites for this purpose. Keeping your website fresh will give a fresh and nice in the eyes of customers.

14.  Schedule posts

Posts can be scheduled by using WordPress like you want to post something at midnight but you are busy at that time. You can schedule a post. It is convenient if the majority of your traffic visits at a specific time.

15.  Multi-User capability

If you are a team that is running a website, WordPress makes it simple by assigning different access roles for different people. Here are some roles it provides:

  • Super Admin – has total access to website features.
  • Administrator – has access to administration features.
  • Editor – can publish their posts and approve or remove the posts of other users.
  • Author – can manage and publish their posts.
  • Contributors – can manage and write their posts but must rely on the administrator to approve them.
  • Subscribers – can view and edit their profiles.

16. Publish immediately

If you cannot wait. Nothing is stopping you to post just by a click of your mouse. No approval or line is there where you have to wait. Just post right away.

17.  No Codding

You are not required to have a knowledge of HTML or CSS for making a website. WordPress makes it easy for you to create a site without coding unless you want to. Yes! you can add things which are codded by you but it is an option up to you.

18.  WordPress keeps improving

Many developers and a team are working on WordPress to make it better day by day. Whether the WordPress staff are adding new features and evolving CMS for a better experience.

WHY TechiArea for this Service?

We have experts here who made their carrier in WordPress development. As the free WordPress service provides a limited number of options. We build and customize your site with Premium themes and plugins so that your site stands out from the other. Your site will be made as per your requirements with deep SEO. It will help your site rank on top of Google or Bing searches. Feel free to Contact Us and get your own website in a few days.

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