How To Start E-Commerce Business?

E-Commerce Services

E-commerce is a vast field now. It deals with selling goods and products to customers online. E-commerce makes it easy to display the products to the customers and you can also track

the activity of users on your site. You can use those analytics to figure out what is best and suitable for the user.

History of E-Commerce

The history begins in 1994 when a man sold a CD online for the first time.

He sold a CD through his website named NetMarket on August 11, 1994.

Since then, eCommerce has evolved. It makes it easier to discover by sitting at your place and can have a look at a vast variety of products. Independent freelancers, Small business, and even large businesses now, all benefits from eCommerce. It enables them to sell their products easily and on a large scale.


Types of E-Commerce

Types of eCommerce are classified based on transactions that take place between different persons. There are four main types of eCommerce.

1. Business to Consumer:

In this type, a consumer buys a product from an online store. Like you buy clothes or shoes from an online store. The store is managed by the company or brand itself. It is the most common type of eCommerce.  Many small and large businesses are making huge revenue using eCommerce.

2. Consumer to Consumer:

When a consumer sells goods or products to another consumer. Then it is another type of eCommerce. It is the second most important type of eCommerce. Many platforms provide these services. Like eBay, OLX, Amazon, etc. You can sell your things here to other people. No brand is involved in it.


3. Business to Business:

In this type of eCommerce, a business sells its product or services to another business. In this type of business mainly software is sold. Like a company develops software and it is purchased by other companies to use their offered services. This type is used on the upper level and not a common type of eCommerce.

4. Consumer to Business:

When a consumer or a person sells services to a business or organization then it is in this type. A person sells its audience to a brand for commercial purposes. Or a company uses the picture of a person and give him money in return. Many services are offered by consumers and companies buy these services to improve their sites.

There are different ways in which eCommerce can take place. Let us have a look at examples of eCommerce.

Examples of eCommerce

E-Commerce is now divided based on different relations between consumers and companies. Have a look.

1. Retail:

The sale of a product or service to the customer directly without any involvement of a middle company. Like a person buy shoes from the official Adidas website. That will be a type of Retail sale.

2. Wholesale:

In this type, the product is sold in bulk often to a retailer which then sells it to the consumers.

3. Subscriptions:

The online service is automatically renewed regularly. A consumer once subscribes to the service. Services like Netflix, iTunes are some examples of this type of business.

4. Dropshipping:

In this type, the product is manufactured by a separate company. A middle man buys it from them and then send it to the consumer or original buyer. He keeps his little profit out of it.

5. Digital products:

Downloadable products which may include games, software, books are examples of digital products. The user pays for them and then he can download it from the internet.

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